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AVG PrivacyFix for Android Overview:

AVG PrivacyFix without doubt a wonderful privacy protection provider to all the internet users! The most amazing features of the software program make it renowned throughout the globe for its performance!

All most all the social networking sites collect your online data and there hasn’t been an easy way to understand and control it. But AVG PrivacyFix extends its hand to check the privacy exposure of your online data on these social networking sites like Face book, LinkedIn, and Google just with one click! And thus helps you to fix the control on it!

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You will be able to block over 1,000 plus trackers from following your movements online.  Entire risk of your privacy on these sites now made safe by AVG PrivacyFix! The application alerts you regarding the personal data collection of yours by the networking sites and gives you the choice of browsing those sites or not.

Be with AVG PrivacyFix!

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What’s inside?

Whatever social network or browser you use, see what we can do for you


  • Makes Facebook as private as you want it to be
  • Control how you appear in search results
  • Stop Facebook from tracking you on other sites
  • Find out what you’re worth to Facebook
  • Be alerted whenever privacy settings change
  • Review and cancel old Facebook app permissions


  • Review key privacy settings
  • See if people know when you’ve viewed their profile


  • Control what Google collects about you
  • See what your Google searches are worth


  • See which websites may be sharing your email
  • Get privacy warnings as you visit websites


  • See and stop whoever is tracking you online
  • Block mobile tracking over WiFi from your Android™ device.

Introducing AVG PrivacyFix

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