BandwidthD – Network Security Toolkit

BandwidthD is an Industry leading server monitoring application that is in use by plethora of user’s through-out the globe. The application helps you track the usage of the subnets of TCP/IP networks and then builds html files with graphs. Thus enabling the system administrators to see and analyze Utilization.

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Server monitoring is not an easy job to perform by. Hence system administrators started looking for the best featured application that enables server monitoring an easy nut to crack to maintain the security and to run the business processes smoothly!

System administrators are in need of high end server monitoring tool that enables them to see and analyze utilization at ease. BandwidthD steps ahead in this area to let its users to build charts of Individual IsP with default display utilization occurring over 2-day, 8-day, 40-day, and 400-day periods. The application allows color coding of UDP, HTTP, VPN, TCP, ICMP, and P2P traffic, for the purpose of easier server monitoring.

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The key features of BandwidthD server monitoring application that makes it notable are explicitly given under to help you make the right choice in choosing the best application for your server monitoring activity. The program runs smoothly on all the platforms including Windows. BandwidthD with similar visuals outputs in two ways. The process of searching, filtering, multiple censoring, and custom report generating is enables through database-driven system.

BandwidthD facilitates production of static html and png output for every 200 seconds with its standalone feature. Data transmission through sensors to a backend database and reporting the same by dynamic php pages are the advantages with BandwidthD.

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