Cacti – The Complete RRDTool-based Graphing Solution

Cacti is a world class Server Monitoring Tool that helps you store the necessary information to create graphs and populate them in a Myself database. It’s a complete front-end to RRDTool. Without ending its job in gathering the data, Cacti server monitoring tool maintains graphs, data sources, and round robin archives in a database.

Are you looking for an all in one solution to monitor your server? Would you like to make your server monitoring job easy and effortless. Then you are at the right juncture to know about one such server monitoring tool that can offer its hand in addressing your problem. Cacti with-out doubt is an ultimatum to address the problems of server monitoring.

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Cacti with SNMP enabled feature supports to create traffic graphs with MRTG and makes your entire server monitoring process enjoyable and effortless. Having heard little about its usefulness, system administrators might be keen to look upon the other supporting features of the server monitoring tool that is Cacti. Here we provide you the explicit information about Cacti Server Monitoring Tool!

Notable of all, Cacti can create data sources that correspond to actual data on the graph and these sources are maintained at 5-minute intervals after its creation automatically. You are even given the privilege of creating any RRDTool graph by making use of the standard RRDTool graph types and consolidation functions as well.

Cacti server monitoring tool enables you to scale a large number of data sources and graphs through templates.  Come on! Explore Cacti for yourself and enjoy the sojourn!

Cacti SNMP Graphing Monitoring Tool

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