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EasyNetMonitor is one of the reputed server monitoring tools available in the market. Monitoring requirements and specification vary from organization to organization. EasyNetMonitor is an easy to use program designed to monitor computers in the local networks of the system administrator and other internet hosts.

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If you are keen to get information about the status of the computer network within the local network region then with-out a second thought get EasyNetMonitor for all your Computer Monitoring practices. It is the smallest free computer monitoring tool ever made available in the market for cloud server monitoring.

EasyNetMonitor is one 100Kb file and you need not even install it on your PC except for downloading and make use of it to test remote PC or internet hosts are reachable across a network.  The user interface of the EasyNetMonitor enables you to monitor any internet host and then notifies you regarding the same through email or sound.

You need not even pay to avail its services for it is made available to the customers for free of cost. All you need to do is just downloading and if you need the tool for Windows service version (shareware) then you may have to pay minimal cost of about $35. Hurry!

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Free network monitor Features:

  • EasyNetMonitor is the easiest and quickest way to get information on-line about computers in your local network!
  • You don’t need to install it, just download and use free network monitor EasyNetMonitor anywhere
  • EasyNetMonitor is only 100 Kb (only one file)
  • You can monitor any internet host
  • Email notifications (your computer name should be in English letters only!)
  • Sound notifications
  • EasyNetMonitor is free

EasyNetMonitor SE additional features:

  • Windows service version
  • Actions
  • Improved email notifications

EasyNetMonitor system requirements

You should have Microsoft .NET 2.0 installed (most XP and all Windows 8, 7, Vista OS’s already have it).
Windows 8 includes the 2.0, 3.5 and 4.5 versions of the .NET Framework.
However, only 4.5 is available for immediate use after a clean install.
To install Net 2.0 or 3.5 on Windows 8:

EasyNetMonitor SE system requirements

You should have Microsoft .NET 4.0 installed (most Windows 8, 7, Vista OS’s already have it).

EasyNetMonitor SE is the Windows service version of EasyNetMonitor. Config file (enm_config.xml) is compatible for both versions.

Download EasyNetMonitor SE

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