Ganglia Monitoring System

Ganglia Monitoring System is an ultimate tool to monitor clusters of servers. The cloud server monitoring tool is built to view the overall performance of the cluster of servers as an overview. The program permits to maintain multiple clusters in data center and arrange them accordingly as a grid so as to facilitate system administrator to view overall performance of the grid as an overview.

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Are you tired of monitoring each server separately and are you in search of a tool that lets you overview the performance of all the servers? Yeah, your quest for such tool can now be quenched with world class system monitoring program i.e. Ganglia Monitoring System!

The most important features of the Ganglia Monitoring System that help it stand unique in the industry include: engineered data structures and algorithms, BSD- licensed open-source project, and the like. The cluster server monitoring system makes use of various tools like XML, XDR, and RRD to enhance its performance. They are used for data representation, compact & portable data transport, and data storage and visualization respectively.

Carefully engineered data structures and algorithms of Ganglia Monitoring System enable the system administrators to achieve very low per-node overheads and high concurrency.

Why wait? Be with experts and be an expert!

Ganglia Performance Monitoring

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