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Monitor.Us is full featured to offer complete cloud server monitoring services. This all in one dashboard enables the system administrators to view and know what’s happening with their servers and take corrective action accordingly.

Are you desirous about monitoring your entire family of servers and stay up to date with the current happenings of your cloud server? Your thirst can now be quenched with the help of a superior quality server monitoring tool that is Monitor.Us.

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Monitor.Us being a part of the Team Viewer family, it helps the user to monitor everything by providing all in one IT systems monitoring from the cloud. You wouldn’t even have thought about it, right! Yet it is a reality that Monitor.Us enables the system administrators to view results and stay awake of present happenings with their servers on a dashboard. This process enables the system administrators to come under a conclusion regarding any issues with the server.

The Server Monitoring Tool is enhanced to alarm its users about the feasible threat through its performance issues detection techniques much before it can harm the cloud server and business processes thereby!

On timely basis, Monitor.Us provides you with the summaries of system metrics for storage, CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. Further, the server monitoring helps you check the availability of your website on the network and navigates agents for Windows and Linux. You can avail its services at zero cost. Do not waste your valuable time in looking out for the best alternative. Because Monitor.Us itself an ultimate solution!

Why Monitor.Us?

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