Munin – Network Resource Monitoring Tool

Munin is the world class network resource monitoring tool that presents information regarding the network resources in the form of graphs with the help of web interface. The network resource monitoring enables the system administrators to answer very vital question i.e. “What just happened” to analyze the problem when it is raised?

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The network monitoring program is a PnP tool that gathers and graphs the network related information explicitly on organization’s system by making use of RRDTool. Munin lets the system administrators to warn about surveillance software and take corrective action accordingly.

The software is designed in such a way that it enables the monitoring process as simple as possible! Without much effort, the user can monitor the performance of computers, SANs, networks, applications, etc.

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Munin is embedded with master/node architecture wherein the master connects to all the nodes at regular intervals, seeking the data from them. Later on, the collected data is stored in RRD files and automatically transforms the stored data into graphs as and when needed. Source forge enables the release of all the information.

Munin being the open source network resource monitoring tool, it is made available for free of cost to all its users over the globe. Make your life enjoyable by turning your work experience cool with Munin. Right decisions are made on time without losing the opportunity! If you wish to lead your life happy then you need balance your work and personal life well and good.

Munin extends its hand in offering best of the best network monitoring services!

 Intorduction to Munin monitoring tool

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