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NetworkMiner is a network monitoring tool that elevates the system monitoring to the subsequent level. The software platform is well known as a Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFAT) for Windows. NetworkMiner works even in FreeBSD, Linux, and Mac OS X and it is featured to detect the open ports of network hosts either by packet sniffing or by parsing a PCAP file besides detecting the OS and the hostname.

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You can end your search for an advanced tool that helps you detect the operating system, open ports, sessions, hostnames, etc. with our “NetworkMiner”- Network Forensic Analysis Tool. The software program is enabled to detect operating system, open ports, hostnames, etc. even without putting any traffic on the network.

NetworkMiner exacts transmitted files from network traffic and thus elevates system monitoring to the next level. It is an all the rage network monitoring tool used by various institutes and organizations both private and public like law enforcement and other incident response teams. The application is made available for free of cost to its users as a free edition and for other advanced services another app is made available with minimal charges.

NetworkMiner most amazingly gathers information directly from the hosts on the network without collecting network traffic data. What more can we expect from other tools? NetworkMiner is an advanced and high end Network Monitoring Tool designed to meet all the expectations of system administrators in addressing network related traffic issues.

Make your mind to decide upon the usage of best solution for your organization!

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NetworkMiner (free edition) NetworkMiner Professional
Live sniffing Yes Yes
Parse PCAP files Yes Yes
Parse PcapNG files Yes
Receive Pcap-over-IP Yes Yes
OS Fingerprinting (*) Yes Yes
Port Independent
Protocol Identification (PIPI)
Export results to CSV / Excel Yes
Configurable file output directory Yes
Geo IP localization (**) Yes
DNS Whitelisting (***) Yes
Host coloring support Yes
Command line scripting support Yes (through NetworkMinerCLI)
PCAP parsing speed (****) 0.581 MB/s 0.457 MB/s (GUI version)
0.735 MB/s
Price Free $ 700 USD
Download NetworkMiner (free edition) Buy NetworkMiner Professional

Network Miner Tutorial

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