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NetXMS is full-featured to offer comprehensive server monitoring and network management services. The server monitoring software is an enterprise grade multi-platform open source monitoring system. The three-tier architecture enabled monitoring program was exceptionally designed with flexibility and scalability in mind.

If you are tired of using multiple tools for your server monitoring and network management purpose, then you are not alone! With the passage of time, the need for a comprehensive and superior quality network management and server monitoring tool has become inevitable.

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In view of addressing this query put forward by plethora of system administrators over the globe, we present you the most amazing network management and server monitoring solution i.e. NetXMS which stands beyond your expectation and meets all your requirements in one stretch.

NetXMS with its unified platform for management monitors the entire IT infrastructure through its distributed network monitoring process. The Server Monitoring Software discovers network automatically and thus helps your network management process run smooth!

The Network Management and server monitoring tool doesn’t even demand for rich configuration settings except for few configuration efforts to deploy the server monitoring services quick. Working with NetXMS is easy, effortless and simple! As the program is integrated with the related products and offers its services at free of cost to its users.

The easy to use interface of the program without doubt an apple of system administrators’ eye, as it meets many of their monitoring needs within a single server monitoring tool! Happy working with NetXMS to deliver best services!

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NetXMS Anagement Console Binaries:

Platform Package Signature Description
Windows (x86) n/a
Windows (x64) n/a
Linux (x86) nxmc-1.2.17-linux-gtk-x86.tar.gz n/a
Linux (x64) nxmc-1.2.17-linux-gtk-x64.tar.gz n/a
Mac OS X nxmc-1.2.17.dmg n/a
Solaris (sparc) nxmc-1.2.17-solaris-gtk-sparc.tar.gz n/a
Solaris (x86) nxmc-1.2.17-solaris-gtk-x86.tar.gz n/a
Windows (x86) netxms-console-1.2.17.exe MD5, GPG Legacy console DEPRECATED!!!
Android netxms-console-1.2.17.apk n/a Mobile console
BlackBerry 10 n/a Mobile console


NetXMS – Creating Sample Dashboard

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