New Relic Servers for Windows

New Relic Server being a master in providing cloud and data center monitoring services to both Linux server and Windows server, it is most preferred by the system administrators through-out the globe. With the perspective of apps, New Relic Server delivers world class cloud monitoring services.

The Cloud Server Monitoring Tool endows the system administrators with its cloud and data center monitoring services at zero cost.

New Relic Server Monitoring

The key features that help the New Relic Server stand unique from among the plethora of cloud monitoring servers include: updating of CPU consumption alerts for health issues, intimation of capacity issues of servers, server health tracking under various environments etc.

To help you understand better, New Relic Server lets you see the capacity issues with the servers within your limit and correct the same as early as possible. On line with it, the cloud server monitoring tools enables you to receive the alerts about the server health issues. The list may include: CPU utilization, disk I/O utilization, memory utilization, and disk capacity.

New Relic Server this enables you to see the processes that are prioritized on the basis of memory or CPU consumption.  Above all, the tool lets you track the health of server in physical, cold or hybrid environment.

New Relic Server Monitoring

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