Observium – Network Management Tool

Observium is a comprehensive and all in one solution for server monitoring purpose. The program shores-up a wide range of hardware platforms and Operating Systems like: Windows, NetApp, Linux, Cisco and others. The intuitive interface of Observium gives a complete picture of the network health and status besides your server.

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The prominent features of the do it all server monitoring tool include: visibility improvement of the network infrastructure, improves network reliability, long-term metric collection, automatic collection and display network information.

Observium lets you collect the information about services and protocols and then display them automatically so as to improve the visibility of the network infrastructure. More interestingly, the network monitoring tool offers long-term network metric collection that too, with appealing visual representations of the data.

The program is featured to enhance the network’s reliability by letting you proactive about the potential issues even before something turns out to be un- usual. Choose Observium and stay cool!

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 Observium Key Features:

  •  Automatically collects and displays information about services and protocols to improve the visibility of your network infrastructure.
  • Provides long-term network metric collection and appealing visual representations of data.
  • Improves network’s reliability by giving you the information you need to be proactive about potential issues.

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