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Opsview Core is an open source server monitoring tool that has ever been made available for the system administrators. The software program extends its hand to the system administrators to monitor the servers more fast, and effortless than with that of other server monitoring tools.

Opsview Core offers a free version of SQL server activity monitor for less to the professional monitors. The program is absolutely customizable and hence it monitors the server health in the best way for individual organizations need.

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Server health is the prime concern of the system administrators to let the business processes run smooth. To avoid interruption to the server, one may require very good monitoring tool and professional to monitor the servers. Stand with Opsview Core server monitoring tool to cut down all server related problems.

The program is user friendly with its easy to use interface enables configuration to set up SQL server monitoring simple!  SNMP trap processing of Opsview Core incorporates a powerful rules engine and thus helps you get just the notifications you need.

Opsview Core being featured with packed server monitoring apps, the software program can distribute server health monitoring for geographical coverage, scalability, and resilience separately! What more does a system administrator require to monitor the server for individual organization?

Most amazingly, Opsview Core with its advanced server monitoring services attracts plethora of system administrators over the globe to resort to it! If you prefer to go with the experts’ choice to let your server monitoring process run smooth, simply switch to Opsview Core!

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 Opsview Key Benefits:

  • Runs on super-fast Nagios 4 Core – 100% compatible with Nagios plugins
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Ideal for application monitoring, network monitoring; Windows, Linux and Unix server monitoring in small IT environments
  • Support for virtualization monitoring including VMWare®, KVM, Xen and Microsoft® Hyper-V
  • Cloud monitoring – Amazon® EC2 and more
  • Works with Opsview Mobile to allow you to monitor your systems on the go.

Download Opsview Mobile

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