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Pandora FMS is a Flexible Monitoring System because of its use-fullness for all the monitoring systems. The cloud server monitoring tool is popularly known as an open source monitoring system. Various applications included in the Pandora FMS include: Windows and UNIX servers, network equipment, virtual infrastructure, and others.

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Pandora FMS with its novel features solves most of the server monitoring issues without much effort. The monitoring system is full-featured with multi platform agents for Linux, Windows, Solaris, BSD, and HP-UX. And it is available for free of cost.

Unbelievable right! Amazingly the Pandora FMS- the server monitoring system for all purpose servers monitoring makes your task as easier as possible!

In simple, Pandora FMS is about to be recognized as a new generation software with its long list of features that lend a hand in solving your server monitoring issues. Those features of the cloud server monitoring tool include: multi platform agent, event-based management, and customizable visual console.

With the state-of the-art cloud server monitoring system, the system administrator can make his/her server monitoring process an easy nut to crack. To know more about Pandora FMS, have a look at the features of the server monitoring system and make the right choice.

Download Pandora Flexible Monitoring System:

Element Link
Official documentation Doc. Section
Appliance CD based on CentOS 6.4 32Bit / 64Bit
VMware image (ESX,Workstation) Not available yet
Microsoft Windows EXE
SLES / OpenSUSE (11.x version)   RPM
Debian / Ubuntu (.DEB) DEB
RHEL / CentOS / Fedora (.RPM) RPM
Font code: FreeBSD, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, MacOS (Tarball) Tarball
Pandora FMS Android Agent Google Play Store
Android Pandora FMS Console Google Play Store
iOS Pandora FMS Console Apple iTunes
iOS Pandora FMS Event Viewer Apple iTunes
Windows mobile Download
  Chrome Extension (Event viewer) Download
   Firefox Extension (Event viewer) Download
Embebed agent (Posix C) Download
Dependencies and tools Download
Automatic daily builds Download
 SVN code repository Access via HTTPS


Pandora Flexible Monitoring System Review

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