6 Powerful System Tool to Check Windows Hardware

Would you like to keep an eye on the hardware health of your computer? Are you curious to know about the functioning of your systems’ hardware and software? Your intention behind knowing about the hardware and software can be anything but it is really a wise thought. You will know it clear how and why now!

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Firstly you will be privileged to get to know about its status and you can replace the hardware even before it malfunctions. Amazing right! To facilitate the smooth functioning without any interruption, you can make use of sophisticated tools that check the status of the computer hardware and alerts you about the same.

Here are the set of tools that one may require to know about the systems hardware and software status. Windows System Information Tool being an inbuilt tool that gives you the basic information of the installed hardware’s in your PC or laptop, you can make use of the below listed tools to know more about your systems’ hardware functioning.

To learn more about your laptop or computer hardware, you can adhere to CPU-Z, Speccy, HWiNFO (32/64), PC Wizard, WinAudit, and BlackBox. Each tool with specific user ability will let you explore about your computer hardware.

1) CPU-Z

2) Speccy

3) HWiNFO (32/64)

4) PC Wizard

5) WinAudit

6) BlackBox


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