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The Dude Network Monitor is a novel application developed by MikroTik to facilitate system administrators to manage network. The software program improves the network management process so as to let system administrators perform their monitoring effortless.

Wouldn’t you like to get alerted when something is wrong with your network server? It would be appealing to know any issue with your server even before it can affect your business processes. To enhance the system administrators to detect the problem prior to its intervention of your daily chores, The Dude network monitor has been designed. The network management system scans entire devices within specified sub-nets automatically. And then the program draws and lays out a map of your network so as to monitor services of your devices to alert you regarding any issue with the service.

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The Dude though a new application got recognition very early due its remarkable network management services. The notable features of the application that makes It stand unique from among the huge number of Network Monitoring Tools include: auto discovery of network and layout, ability to discover any type or brand of device, easy installation process, user friendly interface etc.

The network monitoring tool includes SVG icons for devices to support custom icons and backgrounds. The Dude network monitor supports ICMP, TCP, DNS, and SNMP monitoring for devices that support it. The program can runs in Windows, Linux Wine environment, and MacOS Darwin.

How could you keep yourself away from using such a reputed network management tool? Stay cool with The Dude network monitor!

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The Dude Features:

  • The Dude is free of charge!
  • Auto network discovery and layout
  • Discovers any type or brand of device
  • Device, Link monitoring, and notifications
  • Includes SVG icons for devices, and supports custom icons and backgrounds
  • Easy installation and usage
  • Allows you to draw your own maps and add custom devices
  • Supports SNMP, ICMP, DNS and TCP monitoring for devices that support it
  • Individual Link usage monitoring and graphs
  • Direct access to remote control tools for device management
  • Supports remote Dude server and local client
  • Runs in Linux Wine environment, MacOS Darwine, and Windows
  • Best price/value ratio compared to other products (free of charge).

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