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Uptime Robot is software tool that is designed to turn downtime into uptime with its exceptional detection techniques. Server downtime cannot be eliminated completely and it is impossible to put an end to the server downtime problems entirely!

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Yet Uptime Robot extends its hand in coping up with the server downtime problems by making sure that system administrators are notified about the raising issue that would affect the server speed. The server monitoring tool enables the system administrators to be ensured about their accessibility and vivid information regarding the problem as early as possible. This in turn lets the system administrators to react in time with about 50 monitors. The monitoring process of Uptime Robot is continuous and checks them at least for every five minutes to ensure that everything is under control and help to turn downtime into uptime.

Uptime Robot is featured to get status codes through website headers for every five minutes or more as per the monitoring settings.  On detection of a problem with the code, Uptime Robot will make several more checks in the next 30 seconds and thus finalizes whether the site is actually down and informs the same to the user.

Uptime Robot alerts the system administrator about the downtime issue after confirming that the site is down.  Stay cool and make your job effortless by letting the business process run smooth with the state-of the-art server monitoring tool that is Uptime Robot!

Come on! Make merry as your work experience can now be made cool with Uptime Robot!


Using Uptime Robot to Monitor Your Web Site and Services

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