WinAudit – System Hardware Information Tool

WinAudit is a amazing tool, ‘WinAudit’ is inventory software that lists out information regarding the installed hardware and software, licenses, security configuration, network information etc. WinAudit thus lets you check the security related issues of the network.

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WinAudit Features:

  • Easy to use
  • No setup
  • Text/html/csv/pdf
  • E-mail
  • Database export
  • Batch mode
  • Fully documented
  • Free for any use.

What’s New WinAudit:

  • Bug fix: Monitor detection bug (thanks Jiri S.).
  • Bug fix: Missing Windows Product ID on some systems (thanks Jiri S.).
  • Bug fix: ISO8601 conformat timestamps for SQL Server (thanks Miroslav P.).
  • Added: IP Routing table (thanks James R. for suggestion).
  • Dropped: Support for Windows version prior to XP.
  • Dropped: Printing.
  • Dropped: Export data to Oracle™ database.
  • Dropped: Save report in chm, pdf and formatted text and xml formats.
  • Dropped: The lengthy tasks of finding files and listing system files.
  • Changed: Command line options.
  • Added: OLE DB Drivers.
  • Added: Timestamps in the command line (thanks Aaron J. for suggestion and testing).
  • Added: Support for PostgreSQL (thanks Lukasz Dargiewicz for suggestion and testing).
  • Bug Fix: Missing manufacturer name in data posted to database (thanks Aaron J.)
  • Bug Fix: Output file path truncation at full stop (thanks Ken C.).
  • Added: Additional security related policies and settings.
  • Added: Detect software installed by the current user.

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