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Bitdefender Mobile Security is an antivirus for mobile Internet Security Company that regularly wins its test versions of Windows security software. During the tests produced two respected independent testing laboratories, the antivirus application Bitdefender Mobile also scored highly on tests measuring their ease of use and its ability to detect threats and prevent mischief. The feature list is strong, but there are no anti-spam components and no backup of data online. Similarly, parental controls are absent; except for the ability to bring the device to remind you that you can hear what is happening in the environment of the smart phone.

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Almost more important than the excellent capabilities of anti-malware Bitdefender Security is the ability to navigate safely and not fall prey to phishing and known to be dangerous websites. When you focus on the dangers of viruses, worms and phishing attempts, remember that a mobile phone is likely to be lost or stolen, which is another threat to its security. To minimize potential damage, theft Bitdefender includes useful features. If you just lost your phone somewhere in your home, you can make it scream to reveal the location. But in case of theft, you can use a web interface to clean the data from your cell phone and combination lock it. Or you can program it to lock the cell phone when the thief a new SIM card is installed.

There are a number of features you will not find security packages Bitdefender antivirus mobile application. No anti-spam features, so they cannot block unwanted calls or senders. No e-mail filtering or content that you want to avoid. No support for any type of encryption. There are no backup utility personal data nearby or slightly. Except for the ability to have the cell phone number to call and let you hear what is happening around you, no parental control.

BitDefender mobile antivirus protection uses the conventions of the Android user interface with good results. There is more ease of use, however, the simple look and feel. Another consideration the ease of use of the software is the effect on the performance of the phone. Test reports Bitdefender AV does not drain the battery. In addition, a cell phone does not slow down during normal use, or generate too much traffic during operation. 489 software installed on legitimate third app stores, Bitdefender has not issued a single false alarm. And when installing 841 legitimate uses of Google Play Store, Bitdefender issued only a false alarm.

Parental manage is another feature available in the software BitDefender Mobile Security. This feature allows you to keep an eye on your Internet activity on your smart phone, the child and her story of the phone call. You can also follow the text messages sent and received by the cell phone.

BitDefender Security allows you to run a scan to check for any malware is found on the device. You can configure scans control the entire device, only the internal memory or memory card. If you are suspicious or infected files, cell phone security software works quickly to remove the files and protect your device.

This mobile security software can be installed directly on your cell phone or computer. When using a computer, download the software and sync your with the PC. No problems with the installation of BitDefender Security on the cell phone and found the process quick and easy installation.

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