Collectd – System Statistics Collection Daemon

Collectd is well known throughout the globe for its State of the Art server monitoring services. The monitoring services offered by Collectd server monitoring tool are highly notable by and large over the globe. The software suite collects not only the system performance statistics but also provides mechanisms to store the values in multiple ways.


Wanna know about world class server monitoring application? Are you desirous to bring into play a server monitoring tool to keep a check for server related problems? It is now possible to do so without much effort and strain. You are privileged to have come across this site to get introduced to a beneficial tool that helps the system administrators to execute the server monitoring services.

Collectd Server Monitoring application offers a precise solution for server monitoring. It collects the system performance statistics and then makes use of these statistics of your system to abet the performance analysis. At later had Collectd software suite enables you to accomplish capacity planning.

Of the record, the server monitoring tool writes to RRD files and with more than 90 plugins that range from standard case to specialized and advanced topics. The Collectd server monitoring program is designed to handle data sets of huge size. Having been written in C for performance and portability, the software suite can runs on systems that are without scripted language or cron daemon.

A lot more of its performance and usefulness can actually be known once you make use of the application for your server monitoring needs. Hurry! Make Collectd as your monitoring tool!

Collectd Key Features:

  • Use the statistics about your system for performance analysis and capacity planning
  • Writes to RRD files
  • Written in C for performance and portability, so it runs on systems without scripted language or cron daemon
  • Includes more than 90 plugins, ranging from standard case to specialized and advanced topics
  • Handles hundreds of thousands of data sets.

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