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BMC PATROL KM for Control-M is a proactive event monitoring and management tool that enhances the enterprise management.  BMC PATROL KM stands for BMC PATROL Knowledge Module (KM) and is a real time monitoring tool. The application is enriched to integrate the Control-M business with scheduling solution’s management-by-exception and alerting capabilities with the PATROL enterprise systems management solutions.

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The software suite is a state of the art server monitoring application that maintains stable servers and thus guarantees maximum availability of servers. Most amazingly, BMC PATROL KM for Control-M simplifies the management by minimizing the downtime and workload interruptions. You are also given the advantage of scheduling proactive notification of problems even before they affect the critical system.

Through the central point of control BMC PATROL KM for Control-M manages the entire Control-M environment. The program’s constant monitoring of critical Control-M components ensures optimal availability and scheduling environment performance.  Even before your system gets affected, the software suite enables the system administrators about the incoming threat through its alerting technique. Thus you can act a step ahead of the actual crisis.

Is it not a boon to enhance the enterprise management? Let your decision be quick and wise in choosing BMC PATROL KM for Control-M for your real time monitoring needs.

Control-M Key Features & Benefits:

  • Simplifies management by providing the capability to manage the entire Control-M environment through a central point of control
  • Minimizes downtime costs by enabling proactive notification for scheduling problems before business-critical systems are affected
  • Ensures optimal availability and scheduling environment performance via PATROL constant monitoring of critical Control-M components.

Intro to BMC Server Automation

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