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CopperEgg is state of the art server monitoring tool which is in use by plethora of system administrators over the globe for Hybrid Cloud Monitoring environments. It is unique in its way in offering the server monitoring services as the software program is enriched with many other useful features in it!

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Many organizations prefer to opt for cloud monitoring as the means to monitor the servers of the hybrid cloud environments. If you are one such user then it is a privilege for you to have come across this website to know about the Industry leading server monitoring tool.  Most of the other available server monitoring tools in the market would just slip away with server monitoring services. Yet with CopperEgg, you are given associated services through its additional features for free of cost. Those of which include security, data, metric and alert features and more.

CopperEgg most popularly recognized as a production-ready server monitoring solution. The software is featured to deliver Data Visualization services besides data co-relation techniques. All its services are real time with custom metrics and security. The system administrators are given timely alerts regarding the security issues. A 14 Day free trial version of CopperEgg server monitoring tool will help you understand about its cutting edge services.

With CopperEgg Server Monitoring Tool you can make your server monitoring process effortless and enjoyable! Why wait? Take a right step at correct time. And don’t give your competitor an opportunity to stand ahead of you in availing the world class services of CopperEgg! Be the first to make a mark!

Server Monitoring

CopperEgg Key Features:

  • Real-Time Server Monitoring
  • Data Visualization
  • High Resolution Server Monitoring and Process Details
  • Smart Alerts
  • Data Correlation
  • Custom Metrics
  • Security

CopperEgg Quick Overview

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