Download Advanced Host Monitor for Windows

Advanced Host Monitor is a “State of the Art” network monitoring tool that is especially designed for small and enterprise level networks. It is a scalable network monitoring program. Advanced Host Monitor application monitors the servers’ ability and performance on continuous basis. With Host Monitor application, you can take away to have to deal with server downtime.

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Are you a passionate system administrator looking for a World class Network monitoring tool? If you are so, we present you with superior network monitoring tool that is Advanced Host Monitor. The software program is full featured to alert network administrators about the upcoming pool of exponentially expanding network errors.

This network error alerting feature of Advanced Host Monitor software suits enables the users to respond to the alert and correct the problem accordingly! The program is designed in such a way that it can check any parameters of your servers with the help of its 77 test methods.

No sooner the test results are out from any of these 77 test methods employed, you can set the flexible action in predefined order as per the need. Advanced Host Monitor network monitoring tool prepares the log files by making use of different detail levels and file formats. The application is enriched with built in report manager feature. In addition, the program is featured to monitor the remote networks with its remote monitoring agents for Windows, Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux, among others.

With 30 Days free trial version of the Advanced Host Monitor tool, you can estimate its usefulness and get benefited!

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