Monit – Easy, Proactive Monitoring of Processes

Monit is a highly superior end server monitoring tool that is in use by wide range of users over the globe. The software suite enables error recovery with several features besides the normal course of server monitoring services. In simple it acts like a watchdog with a toolbox on your server.

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The server monitoring application in general useful for monitoring daemon processes particularly and is very effective in acting on an instance of an error. Monit server monitoring tool is enriched to send alert messages on noticing an error. The program helps in restarting the applications that are not running or stops and even starts apache.

Monit most amazingly monitors the daemon processes or programs of the kind running on a local host. The application can even monitor the files, file systems, directories on a local host. On the other hand the server monitoring application can monitor network connections to various servers that are either on local host or on remote host. Monit enables you to test the programs and scripts at times and even performs any type of check no sooner you write a script for the check.

The server monitoring system facilitates the monitoring of trivial to complex system resources on local hosts. In general, Monit monitors the following resources such as memory, overall CPU usage, and load average etc. With its multiple user ability, the software program got recognition in the field of server monitoring. You need not go for a second thought to pick Monit as your Server Monitoring tool as it can enables recovery along with server monitoring.

Monit Key Features:

  • Restarts applications that are not running or stops and starts apache and sends alert messages
  • Monitors daemon processes or similar programs running on a localhost
  • Monitors files, directories, and filesystems on a localhost
  • Monitors network connections to various servers, either on localhost or on remote hosts
  • Tests programs and scripts at certain times, and can perform any type of check that you can write script for
  • Monitors general system resources on a localhost, such as overall CPU usage, memory, and load average.

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