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MxToolBox is a State of the Art server monitoring program embedded with MxWatch Monitoring tool to alert the system administrator regarding the blacklist issues. The application got world-wide recognition due to its remarkable server monitoring services.

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The software suite helps you to recognize any serious issue that would affect the business process with its MxWatch Monitoring feature. You are given the privilege of blacklisting the issues even before they turn out to be a major problem. MxWatch Monitoring feature of MxToolBox is capable to check over 100 blacklists so as to help you understand when your organization’s email is not being delivered.

The process of server monitoring with Mx ToolBox is effortless and worriless. The key features of the software suite that make it noteworthy from among the hundreds of similar apps are listed below. Unlike one time process, MxToolBox makes SMTP checks and blacklist on daily basis. Moreover, the application supports free de-listing.

MxToolBox is enriched to set up and manage MxWatch Monitoring at ease. In addition, the program enables the users to receive alerts through texts and emails. All these server monitoring services are provided to you at free of cost by Mx ToolBox.

The software program is made available in three different packs namely: Free Plan, Basic Plan, and Pro Plan. Basing upon your requirement, you can pick the right pack that would be of great help to your organization. Waste not your time in making the right decision. Just make Mx ToolBox as your server monitoring tool and enjoy its exceptional services.

MxToolBox Key Features:

  • Daily blacklist and SMTP checks
  • Free de-listing support
  • Easily set up and manage MxWatch Monitoring
  • Receive alerts through texts and emails

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