iftop – Bandwidth Usage on an Interface

Iftop is a State of the Art network monitoring tool that is in use by plethora of users all over the globe. The software program is designed in such a way that it answers the users query regarding the slow ADSL link with-out much effort.

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With iftop Network Monitoring software, the user gets a command-line system monitoring tool which is capable to create huge list of network connections and is frequently updated. All those connections on basis of bandwidth usage can be displayed in the form of a table in comparison with current bandwidth usage by pairs of hosts. The table is prepared in such a way that the top bandwidth users are shown first.

Are you keen to have an eye on your network connections? If you are desirous to track all the network connections and monitor accordingly for smooth functioning of your business then resort to the World Class Network Monitoring Tool that will be of great help to you! Would you like to know about one such network monitoring tool then here we provide you with the best network monitoring tool that is “Iftop.”

Iftop network monitoring tool is available in latest stable version that is 0.17 along with the older and newer pre-release versions. You can pick any of the versions that best suits your need from among the available versions in the directory of downloads.

For easy segmenting, Iftop network monitoring application is made available in various views. Moreover, you need not spend a penny from your pocket as Iftop is made available for free of cost!

Iftop Key Features:

  • Easily answer “Why is our ADSL link so slow?”
  • Latest stable version is 0.17, with older and newer pre-release versions also available from the downloads directory
  • Various views are available

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