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ManageEngine OpManager is a World Class server monitoring tool that is in wide use today. Plethora of users make “ManageEngine OpManager” as their server monitoring tool as the application helps to save time and money. The software suite provides a single management console for various needs namely: control of physical and virtual servers, and for in-depth visibility.

The server monitoring tool is full featured to monitor all your servers and applications, processes, and services regardless of type, make, vendor etc. ManageEngine OpManager is quick to resolve server performance problems and thus is appreciated by many users.

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ManageEngine OpManager aids you to monitor the performance of the applications besides enabling the monitoring of Exchange server, VMware ESX Servers, among others. The software suite can troubleshoot SQL Server DB performance issues and help you in resolving the issue at the earliest.

Would you like to know more about its usefulness? If you are keen to explore the features and the cost effectiveness of the application, then you can just experience it with 30 Day FREE Trial for all editions. So you need not even spend a dolor form your pocket! Isn’t it awesome?

Basing on the size of your organization, you can pick the best version that suits your needs namely OpManager Essential for small and medium enterprises, OpManager Enterprise for large enterprises, and OpManager Large Enterprise for very large enterprises & Service providers.

ManageEngine OpManager is an all in one solution for your server monitoring needs! Now make your monitoring process tireless and comfortable with State of the Art “ManageEngine OpManager” server monitoring tool!

ManageEngine OpManager Key Features:

  • Quickly resolve server performance problems
  • Monitor application performance
  • Monitor Exchange server, VMware ESX Servers, and more
  • Troubleshoot SQL Server DB performance issues.

OpManager: Start Monitoring your network

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