AlertFox – Website Uptime and Performance Monitoring

AlertFox by its name indicates that it is real time alerting application that helps you run your business smooth. The application enables the process of remotely monitoring the performance easy for its users. The State of the Art app enables its users to monitor the uptime of simple or complex web transactions easy and effortless along with the monitoring of modeled web transactions on typical customer interactions like an e-commerce checkout.

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AlertFox more exceptionally permit the system administrators to locate the websites and web applications performance issues even before your users’ do, so as to enable you to resolve them before they become real threat for your organization.

The notable features of the AlertFox Application are given as under for your guidance. The software suite is a real-time alerting system that can monitor all the transaction with its real browser views. The program facilitates in-depth reporting alongside make easy to troubleshoot the issues.

AlertFox helps the users by providing root cause analysis for a problem and then consequently helps in solving the problem. A 30 day free trial pack is made available for all the users so as to enable you to experience the user friendly interface and estimate the usefulness of the application.

The application is made available in the market in three different packs keeping in view the requirements of the system administrators. They are AlertFox Pro1 for Small Business Websites and AlertFox Pro2 for Multimedia or Portal Websites, and AlertFox Pro3 for E-Commerce or SAAS Websites.

Come on! Choose the right pack of AlerFox for your server monitoring!

What can you monitor with AlertFox?

Verify the availability and the performance of all the functionality built into your Website or Web application.

  • Know simple single or complex multi-step Web transactions work, from an e-commerce checkout to a client portal login
  • Monitor third party components (like social apps or video streaming services) for performance and availability
  • Monitor authenticated and encrypted transactions, to ensure portal and online services are performing as planned
  • Have a library of content available on your Website? Verify file upload and download is working
  • Keep track of the basics, monitor DNS, FTP and HTTP availability and response time
  • Make sure your prospects are having a good experience, monitor video availability and buffering speed
  • Have lots of remote workers at your company? Verify remote desktop connections are available
  • Know your Web pages are displaying accurately (using keyword check)
  • Find exactly whats causing the problem, track an entire browser session as well as timing requests and responses.

AlertFox End-User Monitor (EUM)

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