ntopng – High-Speed Web-based Traffic Analysis

ntopng is one among the State of the Art Network monitoring tools that are available in the contemporary era. The software suite is written in portable way based on the libpcap and it can run on almost every UNIX platform including MacOSX and Win32.

Are desirous about making web based traffic analysis at a rapid speed? Then waste not your valuable time in search of a network monitoring tool that can offer helping hand in accomplishing your goal after having come across “ntopng.” The software program is a world class network monitoring tool that is best in offering high-speed web-based traffic analysis. In addition, ntopng enables flow collection as the next generation of the original ntop.

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The key features of the application that make it notable from among the plethora of network monitoring tools include a wide range of distinguishing features. Ntopng can help you sort network traffic with respect to a variety of protocols and can easily Geolocate hosts. The application is well known for its remarkable feature to display IP protocol usage based on the protocol type sorting. Ntopng can also produce network traffic statistics of HTML5/AJAX.

All of these features of ntopng make it renowned and noteworthy over the globe. Hence the network monitoring tool is being highly preferred by lot many system administrators to make their monitoring process effortless and joyful. Enough of your vigorous search for best network monitoring tool as ntopng is an all in one solution for most of your network monitoring related needs! Just switch to ntopng and enjoy!

  • Unix (including Linux, *BSD, and MacOSX)
  • Win32 (including the latest Windows 7/8)
Web GUI       A modern HTML 5 browser is needed to visualise ntopng traffic statistics.
  • Memory Usage
    It depends on the ntop configuration, number of hosts, and number of active TCP sessions. In general it ranges from a few MB (little LAN) to 100 MB for a WAN.
  • CPU Usage
    It depends on the ntop configuration, and traffic conditions. On a modern PC and large LAN, it is less than 10% of overall CPU load.
  • IPv4/IPv6
  • All IP protocols supported by nDPI (~170 and counting)
  • …and many more
Extensibility ntopng engine is scripted using the LuaJIT language. Users can extend the web interface as well modify it in realtime without having to code into the ntopng C++ engine.
Additional Features
  • sFlow, NetFlow (including v5 and v9) and IPFIX support through nProbe
  • Network Flows
  • Local Traffic Analysis
  • Lua lightweight API for extending ntop via scripts
  • Support of both NetFlow andsFlow as flow collector. ntop can collect simultaneously from multiple probes.
  • Traffic statistics are saved into RRD databases for long-run traffic analysis.
  • Internet Domain, AS (Autonomous Systems), VLAN (Virtual LAN) Statistics.
  • Protocol decoders for all application protocols supported by nDPI.
  • Advanced HTTP password protection with encrypted passwords
  • RRD support for persistently storing per-host traffic information

Introduction to ntopng

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