ELM Enterprise Manager for Windows

ELM Enterprise Manager is a one of the world’s largest leading server monitoring application. The application from the point of central console can monitor the status, health, and events of distributed Windows systems in the users IT environment.

With State of the Art monitoring application, server monitoring can be less worrisome and effortless as Microsoft SQL Server database stores all of the events and messages securely. The prime features of the tool that make it well known among the server monitoring tool users are listed as under. ELM Enterprise Manager Server monitoring tool can generate reports automatically. The software program makes it available for its users, a large set of pre-configured reports.

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ELM Enterprise Manager is full featured to notify the condition changes or events to the system administrators via Email, SMS/Text, Pager, and other options. Thus you are alerted of an issue even before it really affects your actual business. You will also be given the custom reports from ELM Editor.

To understand clearly about its user friendly features and cost effectiveness, you are given a free Evaluation Period to estimate its usefulness. Price ranges depending on the volume discounts and you are free to contact us for the quotes that best fits for your organizational need. With little variation in prices, Class I Licenses and Class II Licenses for Windows Servers and Workstations and Network Devices respectively are provided.

ELM Enterprise Manager is a boon for all the system administrators that make the process of server monitoring effortless and enjoyable!

 ELM Enterprise Manager Key Features:

  • Automatically generate reports
  • Email, SMS/Text, Pager, and other options for notifications of condition changes or events
  • Large selection of pre-configured reports available
  • Custom reports from ELM Editor
Name: EEM67_130.msi
Version: 6.7.130
Modified: 11/5/2014
Size: 54.5 MB

Download Information: This full installation package is for evaluation purposes.*
· For Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Business Edition 6000 (BE6K) 9.x – Enterprise License Manager (ELM)

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