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Wise Data Recovery is a State-of the-Art data recovery application that helps you recover the files that have been deleted, formatted, and or lost by any other means. It’s a very potent application that helps recover files that are lost during a system crash!

Worse thing that can ever happen to anyone in this computerized era is data loss. The pain inflicted by loss of precious data from your personal computer might not be describable in words. Though data loss can happen all of a sudden due to virus attacks, partition, system crash and the reasons like so on, you wouldn’t be ready to accept the truth that you lost the data forever.

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You might be very keen to look out for ways to recover the lost files, folders and other data by all means. If you are one such person who underwent such embarrassing situations and never willing to face it once again; then you are privileged to get introduced to a ground breaking data recovery application that can help you recover or restore your lost data i.e., “Wise Data Recovery Software”.

Recovering files that are lost accidentally due to system crash is made an easy task like a child’s play as the application is built specifically to address these issues full-fledged! Most excellent rationale for opting Wise Data Recovery software is that of its unique feature in sporting the clean layout which gives you the possibility of selecting the drive to be scanned so as to perform search accordingly. The search is made either based on the keywords or based on other criteria like video files, images, compressed files, documents, email items etc.

The scanning process is carried out very quickly throughout the entire process and that too with-out any errors. By the end of the task, you will be privileged to get the following details like: last modified, recover-ability status (good, poor), and file path etc. Just by selecting the saving directory, you will be able to carry out the restoring process at ease.

You need not even require experience to perform the restoring task and above all you can even master the program with minimum effort. Best of all, Wise Data Recovery doesn’t hamper the performance of the system besides being non incumbent with other programs ‘functionality.

It doesn’t require much of your time to recover your deleted files with Wise Data Recovery Software. In no time you can recover all of your deleted files effortless for which you need not require any technical skill.

Keep all your worries and confusions aside. Stay calm and enjoy the fruits of the world class data recovery application that helps you recover the lost data be it be files, documents and any other information for that reason without much efforts.

Be wise in going with the industry leading data recovery program and have the benefit of recovering your valuable data at ease. Come on! Make use of the data recovery program! It is now very easy to recover your lost data with Wise Data Recovery Software!

Wise Data Recovery 3.51
Free Deleted File/Photo Restore Tool
Last updated: 2014-11-20
Size: 1.36 MB

Windows XP, Vista, Win7/8 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)

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