MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition

MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition 9.0 provides disk conversion as well as copying to what was currently one of our favorite disk partitioning resources, free or otherwise. It creates deletes, aligns moves, resizes, retrieves, splits, connects, conceals, copies, and also converts partitions or complete disks. It could alter drive letters, label partitions and volumes, modify properties, and also check out file systems. It does everything and more for free, though premium updates for business conditions, servers, as well as special requirements are accessible.

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MiniTool Partition Wizard  extremely competent partitioning toolkit that encountered users need to have small trouble getting up to speed with-largely simply because it feels and looks just like a half dozen others: toolbar, list associated with characteristics to the left, and also a pane along with drive details to the right. While common, the user interface is especially focused in its strategy and extremely simple to use for essential operations. Excellent for the significantly less experienced. However, its software approach to some innovative operations such as merge and re-size could utilize a little bit of work.


  • Clear and user-friendly interface.
  • Support for powerful disks.
  • Creates, deletes, formats, and also resizes powerful disks.
  • Dynamic to fundamental disk conversion.
  • Warns you towards partition tasks that include loss of data.
  • Merges, splits, and extends partitions.
  • Moves as well as resizes partitions.


  • Several conditions not described. UI could be a bit difficult on the eyes.

Bottom Line

The feature-packed MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Edition 9 consists of simply about everything you have to handle your PC’s partitions, but a couple of niggles leave room for enhancement in a future revise.

MiniTool Power Recommended hardware requirements:

  • Computer processor: 1Ghz 32-bit  (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
  • System memory: 512MB or more Minimum hardware requirements
  • Boot firmware: Bios-based, UEFI-based
  • Computer processor: modern  processor, 800Mhz or faster
  • System memory: 256MB
  • Installation disk space: 150MB
  • Other: Mouse and Keyboard

Supported operating systems

  • Windows® 8 (all editions)
  • Windows® 7 (all editions)
  • Windows Vista® (all editions)
  • Windows® XP (all editions)

Supported file systems

  • FAT16
  • FAT32
  • NTFS
  • Ext2
  • Ext3

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