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BullGuard Premium Protection 2015 is a world class security suite that offers social media protection and identity protection besides providing online back up. It has become a common concern of the world to protect their Personal computers and valuable information from vulnerable threats that arise from any end of the universe.

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Hackers are at their loftiness to attack the PC and other online information for the sake of fun and monetary advantages in some other cases. Hence the need for protective software is chiefly felt. In due concern with this many vendors has come up with software applications to facilitate spam filtering, malware blocking, and phishing protection.

BullGuard Premium Protection (2015) is one such application that offers its hand in filtering the spam, blocking the malwares and protecting the users systems from the phishing activities. Thus BullGuard Premium Protection optimizes the system performance besides facilitating the parental control more completely.

The software suite is extremely good in scanning for unpatched vulnerabilities. BullGuard Premium Protection exceptionally provides 25GB of online backup with file sharing option besides providing local back up.

BullGuard Premium Protection suite can even monitor the children’s Facebook account activity to keep them safe from the hackers and unhealthy practices. As the application provides its user’s a high security along with back up and protection services, BullGuard Premium Protection costs a little more in price i.e. $40 than other security vendors. However, it users are benefited from other services of the security suite.

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BullGuard Premium Protection main window holds nine panels, each of which displays the status of a particular security area and exceptionally offers access to common tasks in that area. Protect your PC and online data with BullGuard Premium Protection security suite and make your work hassle free! Stick to the state of the art security vendor namely BullGuard Premium Protection which guarantees premium protection!

BullGuard Premium Protection Tech Specs:

Check out the specs below to see if your computer meets the minimum recommended requirements for installing BullGuard Premium Protection.

BullGuard Premium Protection System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP (SP2 minimum)
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Hard-drive space: 800 MB
  • Internet connection: Dial-up minimum

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