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eTakeoff developed from the ground-up to provide estimators inexpensive, easy-to-use software program that offers an extensive electronic digital viewer as well as takeoff tool. Making use of cutting-edge database technologies, eTakeoff provides a fast, efficient strategy to companies throughout all construction disciplines.

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eTakeoff  Features:
eTakeoff helps to make the measurement procedure for your construction project considerably more precise with a number of cutting-edge measurement tools. It provides the most important capability of two point takeoff and in addition extends measurements throughout several channels.

The software program provides two major modules of evaluation and integration. In the estimating module, you’ll be able to benefit from the popular features of conceptual estimations, cost databases, item list, takeoff, as well as file import in Pdf file and Excel formats.

The application enables integration with Microsoft Excel which can be used for list creation in many different construction projects. Additional integration top features of the application consist of assignment development, automatic field mapping, and also customized dashboard. The software is available in simple and easy advanced versions which include unique feature sets.

Feature rich
Easy execution
Constant updates, excellent support
Competetive price

To efficiently make use of the program, at least the top version, you need to have an excellent background in Excel and understand the guidelines for algebraic iteration, simply because the manner that formulations are placed in Etakeoff are extremely similar (however, not comparable to) how they get placed in an Excel worksheet.

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