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Download Zemana AntiLogger Free Trial Overview:

Zemana AntiLogger  is programs that protect you from keyloggers by encrypting your keystrokes. When a computer is infected with a keylogger it can see and evidence all keystrokes that you type on your computer. It could then log this information and send it to a remote location so that the user can take your personal information, passwords and account credentials.

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By using a program like Zemana AntiLogger Free, your keystrokes are protected from not acceptable access by encrypting what you type so it’s only available to the program you are using.

Zemana Security Features:
Zemana includes a few additional features to help you safe your solitude and run how the software works. To keep others from disabling or altering Zemana, you can password protect the software.

Zemana actually publishes a list of the software it has experienced AntiLogger with. Zemana has been tested while running with nearly 50 security products and has been established to successfully work with Webroot, Bitdefender, F-Secure, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, ESET, AVG and Avast.

Zemana is well-matched with all Windows-based operating systems and most security software. It blocks all types of keyloggers, including purposely installed key logger software and in-the-wild keylogger malware.

This anti-key logger is not compatible with Agnitum, GFI or eSafe security products.

How Zemana AntiLogger keeps you safe

  • Stop malicious programs from stealing your usernames and passwords
  • Catches not just the usual suspects, but also sophisticated “zero day” malware.
  • No need to know or detect the malware’s signature.
  • Proactively looks for suspicious activity.
  • No confusing options to set. Auto-on and no configuration needed
  • Doesn’t slow down your PC
  • Powerful, yet light.

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