Top 7 Windows Password Recovery Tool 2015

Windows Password Recovery Tool Overview:

Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate is a good incredible and easy-to-use device developed for resetting Microsoft account missing password , Windows local accounts or domain security passwords on virtually all Windows operating system such as Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows XP, 2000, NT, Windows Server 2012 (R2)/2008 (R2)/2003 (R2), Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32/64 bit). Like a Windows 8.1 Microsoft Password Recovery, it helps to extract missing Windows Live Security password to enable you to discover back Windows 8 Microsoft Password. That have forgotten passwords, or are usually locked out, otherwise you don’t have accessibility to the security password of the system 100% Totally reset All Windows Password Very easily Modify Windows Password Easily Create a New Manager Account Reset Security password via CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive Simple, Fast and also Secure to Operate With Simply 3 Steps Considerable Compatibility along with Windows OS and also Hardware Reset Private data for Different Laptops and also Desktop computers.


1. Opcrack

Ophcrack would be the simplest and also the most effective windows security password recovery software program which offers best and one of the best security password recovery alternatives. To make use of the program, you just have to go to the website and download the totally free ISO picture, and then burn up it to a Compact disc as well as boot from the CD It’s quick and simple sufficient for a very first time Windows security password cracker with a simple understanding of Windows.

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Pros: Absolutely no software set up necessary for security password recovery, Knowledge of current password not needed

Cons: Recovery restricted to passwords of 14 figures, Could easily get recognized as malware incorrectly

Download Ophcrack

2. LCP

LCP is an additional free security password recovery software program for Windows. LCP is really a user-account security password recovery tool for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. This tool could retrieve utilizing a dictionary attack, incredible force attack, or perhaps a cross dictionary/brute force attack. We observed system decline throughout the recovery session, however LCP easily and correctly recovered our manager security passwords.

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LCP could be a little intimidating to those new to Windows security password recovery tools therefore a few prior knowledge is extremely useful to prevent even larger issues with your computer.


None, complete trash programs.


Includes lots of trash programs as well as spyware, which require sometime to eliminate.

Download LCP

3. Trinity Rescue Kit

 TRK is really a totally free live Linux submission that is designed particularly at recovery as well as restores procedures on Windows machines, however is similarly useful for Linux system restoration problems. Since version 3.4 it provides an simple to use scroll-able text message menus that enables anybody who experts a computer keyboard and a few English to execute repair and maintenance on a PC, which range from security password resetting over drive clean-up to computer virus checking.

Trinity Rescue Kit, windows password recovery download, window password recovery

Trinity Rescue Kit is really a free command-line Live CD Linux system distribution depending on Mandriva Linux, focused especially at off-line procedures for Windows as well as Linux system systems for example recovery, repair, security password resets, and disk cloning.

Download Trinity Rescue Kit

4. John Ripper

 John the Ripper is actually once again a really fast and well-known free security password recovery tool which you can use to discover Windows accounts security passwords. The software utilizes both paid as well as free word checklist data files which it needs to use. John the Ripper, a command-line utility which will additionally present it’s really worth in case you require recovering a missing passkey. Because it doesn’t have the User interface of its personal, you will need to open a Command windowpane as well as operate it from there to see the variables that you can use to handle the procedure.

John Ripper, free password recovery software, administrator password recovery, windows 8 password recovery tool

Pros: Open source application

Cons: Bit hard to set up

Download John Ripper

5. Kon Boot

 Kon-Boot is surely software that will quietly avoid the validation process of Windows dependent operating systems. Without overwriting your previous security password! Therefore can login for your Windows user profile not understanding passwords.

Kon-Boot has existed a while as well as improvements have introduced new features for example opportunity escalation and also the sticky keys workaround while including compatibility for additional latest operating systems for example Windows 8, 64-bit architecture as well as UEFI support.

Kon Boot, KON-BOOT For Windows, KON-BOOT For Windows 7, Kon-boot Password Utility


ISO image is actually smallest of any free security password recovery or even reset tool

Easiest security password totally reset tool available
Software is freely accessible

• Access to a different PC necessary to burn up ISO file
• I couldn’t have it for you to use a USB drive

                                                         KON-BOOT for Windows

6. The Offline NT Security password & Computer registry

Editor password cracker is among the fastest free Windows security password recovery tools I have utilized. I even choose this tool more than any premium security password recovery program I’ve attempted.
This can be a utility in order to totally reset the security password of any user which has a appropriate (nearby) account on your Windows NT/2k/XP/Vista/Win7 etc program.
* You don’t need to understand the existing security password to create a new one.
* It really works offline, which is, you need to shut down your personal computer as well as boot off a floppy disk or CD and other system.
* Will discover and provide to open locked or impaired out user accounts

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Offline NT Security password, How To Remove Passwords Using Offline NT Password

1.Works with Windows 8 (local security passwords simply), Windows 7, Windows Vista, & Windows Xp

No use of Windows or knowledge of previous passwords is required
3.Program is totally free and also open source, that means it will most likely remain free

• Offline NT Security password tool is totally text message based that is a little annoying

Download Offline NT Password Registry Editor

7. Cain and Abel:

Cain & Abel is really a great program that handles retrieving missing security passwords utilizing the most effective and hard understanding algorithms. Most encoded security passwords are fragile by using this software via Dictionary, Brute-Force as well as Cryptanalysis assaults. Decrypting scrambled security passwords or wireless system keys isn’t a problem possibly. You could operate Cain & Abel against your security password database to check the effectiveness of passwords policies. You could have password strength coverage in place, however you’d be amazed how quickly some security passwords that satisfy the security password policy needs could be damaged.

Cain & Abe, download windows password recovery tool, microsoft password recovery


  • Password restoration tool is totally free
    • several techniques could be used to crack security passwords


  • Separate “Rainbow Tables” should be downloaded from additional sources online
    • Program should be set up on the hard drive, in contrast to several other security password recovery tools
    • Must get access to another administrator accounts on the pc

Download Cain & Abel

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