10 Best Uninstaller Software of 2015

10 Free Uninstaller Programs Overview:

Windows or Mac built in uninstallers will do a decent job of uninstalling software, but to completely remove a program, you need a third party application. Unwanted parts of files and folders are many times left outs, even after you uninstall software using Control Panel or the program uninstaller in your system, therefore resulting a clutter. Furthermore, they can’t scan the system for leftovers; the clutter may develop and result in system errors.


You need something more effective than your inbuilt uninstaller, to kick those orphaned files towards to curb.  To remove them, you need an uninstaller utility. If you are searching for better uninstaller software for your system, you might want to take a look at these free uninstaller programs. With uninstaller programs you can remove all software components from your computer.

Below listed are the top 10 best free uninstall software programs:

  1. IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is alternative choices to the standard add/remove programs. IObit Uninstaller is well known for its primary characteristic speed. This program can be fast in execution and populates the program list immediately. It provides a categorized summary of your program, a batch uninstall option as well as an advanced uninstall mode. It not only just uninstalls programs from windows effectively, but even removes the leftover folders, files and registry keys beginning to the uninstalled program.

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IObit Uninstaller Features:

Pretty interface

Batch uninstall feature

Powerful scans and force uninstall will remove leftovers completely

Remove browser plug-ins

Toolbar uninstaller

Doesn’t need to be installed

Forced uninstall to remove complex programs


  1. Wise Program Uninstaller

 One of the best-known and popular uninstallers, this un-installation utility supplies a faster and alternate interface for Windows Add/Remove software dialog. Wise Program Uninstaller allows you to completely uninstall any program without departing leftover files or registry. If any are found, it presents you with a listing and enables you to definitely remove them. If you select to uninstall a program, Wise Uninstaller first launches the standard Uninstaller, after that performs a fast scan to search for leftover file, folders or repair damaged un-install records, registry entries and remove invalid un-install entries.

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Wise Program Uninstaller Features:

Easy to use

Installs Quickly


Receives notification when an upgrade is ready


  1. Geek Uninstaller

 Geek Uninstaller is probably the most effective uninstallers. Geek Uninstaller takes extra care of problem programs very well and may even un-install programs other uninstallers can’t. Because it is available in a slim, portable package, it’s wonderful to stay on the USB to assist fix buggy Computers on the run. Despite the fact that portable programs could make some anti-virus software flag them as suspicious, Geek Antivirus software did not create a peep throughout testing.

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Geek Uninstaller Features:

Performs deep scanning

Removes all leftovers


Plenty of languages

Great Performance

Speedy and thorough scan


  1. Comodo Programs Uninstaller

 Comodo Programs Uninstaller helps customers to get rid of useless programs, services, drivers and windows components. This program is wise enough to watch and record every change that the program makes for your computer system to ensure that it may just reverse those changes when it’s time to un-install. The highlight of the program is it produces a backup of files, folders, data and registry entries whenever a program is uninstalled, therefore permitting you to definitely restore any program you uninstalled by mistake.

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Comodo Programs manager Features:

  • Malware info
  • Remove locked files
  • Streamlined user experience
  • Update applications
  • Non-intrusive alerts
  • Manage windows updates


  1. Puran Uninstaller

Puran Uninstaller consists of more than 20 software utilities including although not restricted to those to help you obtain the best performance from your computer. Additionally, it offers an automatic along with a single click solution to maintain your computer clean and error free. It offers Puran Recovery, Puran Defrag, Registry Scanner, Uninstaller with pressure un-install, Registry Defrag, Disk Check, Disk Cleaner, Permanent Remove, Duplicate File Finder and Remove History.

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Puran Uninstaller Features:

Easy to use

Small download size

Freeware program

Installs quickly

Too many features

Easy to figure out

Helps you to uninstall any program


  1. Revo Uninstaller

 Revo Uninstaller is definitely an innovative uninstaller. Using its advanced and fast formula, Revo Uninstaller scans pre and post you un-install an application. Following the program’s regular uninstaller runs, you are able to remove additional unnecessary files, folders and registry keys which are usually remaining on your pc. Even when you’ve got a damaged installation, Revo Uninstaller scans to have an application’s data in your hard disks as well as in the windows registry and shows all found files, folders and registry products so that you can remove them.

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Revo Uninstaller Features:

Easily removes any program

Performs extended scans on your PC to remove leftover files

Thorough un-installation


  1. CCleaner

 CCleaner is really a free software system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. It removes useless files out of your system permitting windows to run faster and clearing up valuable hard disk drive space. Additionally, it cleans traces of the online activities just like your Internet history. Furthermore it consists of a completely featured registry cleaner. CCleaner Free Download, CCleaner Android, PC Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download CCleaner, Download CCleaner Standard, CCleaner Download

CCleaner Features:

Basic user interface

Increase life span of computer

Keeps your data secure

Available as android app

Free to use

Powerful PC cleaning

Deletes trash and temp files

Very fast and helps fixing of registry errors


  1. Absolute Uninstaller

Absolute Uninstaller begins quicker than Add/Remove program with all of appropriate icons from the application loaded and marks recently installed program to ensure that it is simple to discover the application you need to un-install. You may even lookup the application you would like via a handy search function. Absolute Uninstaller is definitely an intuitive program that offers to remove software components that the windows Add or Remove Programs function cannot. The program is simple of use and effectiveness turns it into a great option for this task.

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Absolute Uninstaller Features:

Friendly user interface

Batch processing


Backup / restore feature

More program features


  1. ZSoft Uninstaller

ZSoft uninstaller is an easy way to uninstall programs on your computer. This program offers among the best and simple methods to un-install persistent programs. It enhances upon the standard windows un-installation techniques which will help you remove all traces of the installed program, including registry changes and remaining files. This program is able to evaluate installations. So a user just needs to scan his computer before and after removing a specific program.

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ZSoft Uninstaller Features:

Shows lot of info about program you want to uninstall

Quickly and easily uninstalls traces

Use to use program.


  1. MyUninstaller

 MyUninstaller is definitely an alternative program to the standard Add/Remove applet.  It shows the list of installed application, and enables you to definitely un-install an application, remove an un-install entry, and save the list of installed programs into a text file or HTML file. MyUninstaller offers more information for many installed programs the standard Add/Remove applet does not display: product title, company, version, un-install string, and installation folder.

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MyUninstaller Features:

Easy way to uninstall programs

Free and safe program to download

Easy to use



Attractive user interface

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