Tricks for Location Sharing On Android

Sharing where you are on Android is a straightforward but frequently overlooked feature. We spend more time by attempting to describe where we’re to buddies and family, particularly when in new places, also it can require sometime to obtain the message across. However it doesn’t have to be this. Delivering your exact place is fast and accurate with Android, meaning you can spend less time sharing about your location and much more time. Let’s have a look in a couple of new ways to do that together with your preferred android apps.

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Location Sharing with WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts

Open WhatsApp conversation in which you want to share your location, tap the attach (paperclip) button, then touch “location”. WhatsApp determines where you are (within a couple of minutes). Then all that you should do is tap “send your present location” and the address is going to be joined into the conversation.

Whenever you write your message, in the right side of the message box you will notice the Gps navigation location symbol tap it. When Facebook prompts you to turn on location for Messenger tap “turn on”. Now if you send messages they’ll be labeled together with your location. The recipient just needs to tap the content to determine where it had been sent from, or they are able to choose “view map” within their Messenger conversation choices for a detailed view.

Open a Hangouts conversation, and choose the attach button. Within the next menu tap “location” and Hangouts determines where you are. Just hit the send button to share your location.

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