3 Best Wireless Charging for Smartphones

How to Add Wireless Charging to Your Smartphone:

What fascinate me most would be to realize that there’s not just one method to get it done but, you will find a number of ways, and clearly more in the future. Ideas specify approaches to make wireless charging for the Android Cell phones.

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 Wireless Charger:

Wireless Charging is exactly what it may sound like – a method to charge your phone, tablet or any other device without needing any wires. Wireless charging is a straightforward as placing your device on the charging pad and letting the miracle happen. The charger is obviously linked to a power source, however your device does not need to be physically plugged in. Most of the Android devices are supporting wireless charging and chances are soon all Android devices will support this approach.

 Wi-Fi Charger:

Very long time ago we need cables to transfer data from computer systems to cell phones. Later it gets Wi-Fi. While our cell phones were connected via a cable to the computer, simultaneously our phone had been charged. It’s yesterday, whenever we connected our phone to the PC via Wi-Fi and want to charge it utilizing a cable, however we are able to also charge android cell phones through Wi-Fi connection. Install Wi-Fi Charger in your phone, an application that picks up excess power of the Wi-Fi network although the android apple iphone, iPad, galaxy phones Magnetic Sensor. Once installed and activated, your phone detects available, Wi-Fi signals and you may relax a bit concerning the battery level of your phone.

Solar Charger:

Are you aware, what can be useful for reducing battery usage of your android phone by instantly modifying the brightness in the phone display, depending on the lighting condition, can now like miracle easily charge your phone with solar energy. In case you installed Solar Charger within your phone your phone’s Light sensor will absorb solar energy to recharge your phone’s battery. The solar charger charges your phone 3 times quicker than every other available wireless charger in the marketplace, and faster in comparison to traditional cable charger. Please keep in mind that overcharging your battery damages your phone. Never left your phone unwatched while using the solar charger.

Find the Best way  to Wireless Charge Your Android Mobiles

App Name Filesize Price Validity Operating System Download Link
Wireless Charger 2.1 MB Free Life Time Android Download Here
Wi-fi Charger 4.4 MB Free Life Time Android Download Here
Solar Charger Varies with Device Free Life Time Android Download Here

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