5 Best Alternatives to uTorrent on Windows

Best 5 Torrent Client’s For Windows Overview:

Torrents are the most useful place to download anything on the internet. All that you should have is the best torrent clients with a working internet. With such Top torrent clients it’s possible to download any file completely free of charge except your internet bill.

5 Best Torrent Clients for Windows:

 1. uTorrent

Whenever you will remember about torrent uTorrent may be the first one that strikes in your thoughts. uTorrent grew to become the center for downloading torrent files. Though you will find many best torrent clients available, among those uTorrent is best torrent clients. uTorrent may be the lightweight software and the best of this it’s available for most the platforms, because of this compatibility with all of, this is really familiar one of the torrent addicts. Download µTorrent, µtorrent plus download, utorrent free download for windows 7, utorrent free download, utorrent free download for windows 7 64 bit, utorrent free download for windows 10, utorrent free download for windows 8

Features of uTorrent Client:

Compatible with all platforms

User friendly and easy to use interface

Remote control with PC or other devices

Faster upload and download rate

Lightweight software to download any torrent file

Download uTorrent for Windows

2. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is also same as uTorrent. The only difference between these torrent clients is change in colors. Utorrent is green where else BitTorrent is purple color.

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Features of BitTorrent Client:

Compatible with all platforms

User friendly and easy to use interface

Remote control with PC or other devices

Faster upload and download rate

Lightweight software to download any torrent file

Download BitTorrent

3. Vuze

Vuze is yet another great Utorrent alternative for downloading the torrent files with clients. Vuze is formerly referred to as Azureus. Vuze is excellent quickest torrent downloader next to Utorrent.  Vuze can be obtained for 3 versions Leap (Free), Vuze (Free) and Vuze+ (Paid).

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Download Vuze Leap Bittorrent Client: Leap is lightest and quickest torrent downloader that is available only for Windows computers. This is light as uTorrent while function as the great uTorrent alternative. This supports media playback, best parts it’s ads-free when you download any torrents files.

Vuze: This is most widely used and top torrent client. This is readily available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This torrent downloader supports media playback, handheld remote control, swarm discoveries along with other advanced features which should have for torrent clients. However the ads sucks.

Vuze Plus: Vuze+ is the most advanced torrent client in the class. It has almost all feature of the Best Torrent client must have to be able to be best torrent clients. It’s many features apart from Vuze+ have like Inbuilt anti-virus, Play media while downloading, Burn to Disc with Vuze+, Ads free…etc.

 Download Vuze Bittorrent Client

4. Bitlord

Bitlord is probably the best torrent downloader other that Utorrent and Vuze. It has many features like Password encryption for security…etc. Bitlord is an additional great uTorrent alternative, Sadly Bitlord is not designed for Mobile devices which push Bitlord for the fourth place. Overall it is an additional great torrent client to deal with your torrents files.

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Features of Bitlord Client:

Lightweight torrent downloader

Create and add your private or personal torrent files

Best thing is encryption supported

Available for Windows and Mac

BitLord Torrent Downloader

5. Transmission

It is one great lightweight best torrent clients for downloading the big torrent files. As the above clients the Transmission could be controlled by remotely with Web, PC or any other devices. That you can use in almost any server and this is actually the best torrent client for Ubuntu. As it is free torrent client that is ads free therefore it makes Transmission finest uTorrent alternative.

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Features of Transmission Client:

Lightweight and free torrent downloader

Can be remotely controlled by web, PC or devices

Perfect client for any server

Download Transmission for Mac

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