Best WiFi Hotspot Software for Windows

Best Softwares To Make WiFi Hotspot On Windows Overview:

Hope all of you know what is a Wi-fi hotspot? Simply, it’s a small area where Wireless network is available. Most generally, the Hotspot is applying to refer public Wi-fi networks that are available in school, College, Railway Station, International airports etc.

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The majority of us realize that only Wi-fi routers can handle creating Wi-fi hotspot in public places. However this is completely wrong. Technology acquired a great deal. After Android phones made a hostile alteration in the smart phone world, they’d introduced the clear way of creating hotspot in cell phones. Anyway there is no need of technical abilities or prior understanding for turning your smart phone to some Wi-fi hotspot. Just turn on the hotspot and data network.

90% of laptops available in market have no internal feature to turn it to a hotspot. But we can turn your laptop to a hotspot with the help of some third party software.

 Advantages of using Laptop as a WiFi Hotspot:

  • Portable
  • Unlimited number of connections
  • Can be used to extend the WiFi range
  • Change wired connection to a wireless connection

Best WiFi hotspot softwares:


1. 160WiFi free software

160WiFi is widely using hotspot software that’s completely free of charge. Despite the fact that it’s a free tool, you will find no ads; advertisements popping that annoy our Internet experience. The installation process is easy and you are able to turn your laptop right into a hotspot within a single click.  Another essential feature is you can handle the devices linked to your hotspot. Password protection feature enables you to definitely prevent unauthorized connections for your Wi-fi hotspot. Another positive factor out 160WiFi is, it allow support up to Windows 10.

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OSToto Hotspot (former name: 160WiFi Key Features:

  • Totally FREE, secure, fully used, no advertising, and no annoying pop-ups
  • One-click create a Wi-Fi hotspot on laptop, notebook, desktop (with a working wireless adapter)
  • Turn your computer into a Wi-Fi wireless access point.
  • Share Internet connection with all mobile devices, laptops, tablet PCs, etc.
  • Standard WPA2 PSK password security to safe guard your wireless hotspot
  • Cut data usage and save money
  • Handy network speed detection
  • Well compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista.
  • Easy to use, and no need of advanced configuration

Download OSToto Hotspot

2. Connectify Paid software            

Connectify software enables you to turn your computer or laptop to some virtual Wi-fi Router. You are able to share internet out of your Laptop to the nearby products like smart Phones, Tablets, in order to other nearby laptops cost free.

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For those who have a USB Dongle to gain access to internet, you are able to share exactly the same for your buddies and neighbors. When you are in a hotel that charges Internet per device, it can be really helpful. Just request internet for just one device and share it for your other devices. Another essential benefit of Connectify is you can extent the plethora of actual Wi-fi router. Connectify turns your laptop to some virtual router from the original Wi-fi router. A totally free trial form of Connectify obtainable in the official website but it’s easier to buy a Professional version.

Download Connectify

3.  mHotspot free software for creating Virtual Router     

mHotspot is a totally free software that allows a person with Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed laptop to create a virtual Wi-fi atmosphere. This allows us to create Wi-fi hotspot where we are able to connect as much as 10 devicess.

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Single internet connection for your Laptop could be shared equally for your windows, android, iOs as well as to blackberry phones. Unlike Connectify it is completely free and also has a size under 1MB. But comparing features, Connectify is a lot above mHotspot. This Wi-fi repeater enables you to secure your hotspot area with passwords

Download mHotspot

4. MyPublicWiFi

MyPublicWiFi is the one other software to turn your laptop to a Wireless access point.. Nearby person get access to your web whether it’s on shared mode. Single net connection might be shared to public audience.

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The monitoring service of mypublicwifi enables you to track individual’s activities of people in addition to their browsing history. Place whatever name and password for that virtual Wi-fi. Some restrictions could be produced over the users, like preventing some services using freeware tool.

MyPublicWiFi System Requirements:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows 32/64bit

Download MyPublicWiFi

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