How To Send Large Video Files Through Whatsapp

 Easy Steps To Send Files In Any Type On Whatsapp Larger Than 16MB Size Overview:

As everyone knows that WhatsApp is among the most downloaded and top ranked applications in the Google play and App store, which itself informs the prosperity of this utility. However it sucks after you record a little clip on your cell phone and wish to send it to 1 of your buddies on whatsapp also it won’t allow you saying that it is bigger than 16mb. It’s annoying however it just won’t take what exactly you can try is send those files by redusing the size.

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How to Send File (video or audio) More Than 16mb using WhatsApp?

If you wish to send your video more than 16 Megabytes, you have to reduce its size first. You will find many applications on Store which could reduce Video size. But many of possess some restrictions, so individuals are irritating for some reason. Video Converter  Android is a perfect application for compressing the size of recording. So, after lowering the size you will send it with no further problems. This is the way we share video of bigger size in WhatsApp with very ease.

How to use Video Converter Android App To Reduce Video Size:

  1. Download and Install “Video Converter Android”app from Google play.
  2. Run the installed app
  3. Then it will directly scan your device for video file
  4. Now select the video you want to compress and touch the Convert Button
  5. Now select the Manual profile, and then select the desired option.

It will reduce the video size without reducing the quality. Now you can send your video/audio file using whatsapp.

 Send Large Files On Whatsapp In Android

App Name Filesize Price Validity Operating System Download Link
WhatsApp 36.1 MB Free 1 Year Android Download Here

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