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5 Free SEO Tools to Analyze a Website Overview:

There is nothing that can compare with an abrupt Google Algorithm update to depart entrepreneurs feeling equal parts confused and anxious. It’s like they wait to get all your ducks consecutively after which release an update that changes everything.

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Sure, they are pretty open about this proven fact that they are carrying this out for everyone’s own good each formula tweak leads us a step nearer to more relevant search engine results, in the end. However, there’s still some secrecy behind just how Google examines an internet site and eventually determines which websites to exhibit that searches.

Nevertheless, you will find numerous tools available some free, some paid that enable you to review your website the way in which Google sees it.

1) Google Web Master Tools – Free

The best tool to understand the way Google sees a website. These tools are novice-friendly resources that explain fundamentals of Google search.

2) Check My Links – Free

Check My Links tool makes it simple for an editor or publisher to do corrections before a page is live.

3) Moz Pro Tools – Free for 30 days trail

This is an all in one tool to increase your business search ranking. This tool provides subscribers with resources they need to identify SEO opportunities, build reports, track growth and optimize efforts.

4) SEO Report Card – Free

This tool allows user to analyze their website to determine how it stacks up against competitor.

5) HubSpot’s Website Grader – Free

This tool helped businesses uncover search engine optimization opportunities. This tool will generate personalized reports based on performance, security, mobile readiness and SEO.

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