5 Best File Manager Apps for Android

Top 5 File Manager Apps for Android Overview:

File Managers are fundamental apps that we have come to anticipate from smart phones because from the time of Nokia-Symbian days but remarkably, there isn’t any File Manager app available and though manufacturers who have their own Android skin provide File Manager apps, they’re very fundamental. Fortunately, you will find an array of File Manager apps with advanced features on the Google Play Store.

Here’s our list of the top 5 File Manager apps on Android


  1. File Manager (Explorer)

The File Manager (Explorer) app is among the most widely used file manager app on Play Store because of its fresh design and wonderful interface. What it really might lack over front, it comprises using the interface.

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The manufacturers have recently updated the app to match it with Google’s latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating-system. The app provides all of the features you’ll need like cut, copy and paste. There’s compression and decompression support, searching and sharing files, capability to create shortcuts for any file on home screen and much more.

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  1. ES File Explorer File Manager

The ES File Explorer is among the most feature rich file manager apps you will get on Google’s Play Store. Together with the basic features we’ve come to anticipate from a File Manager, we obtain lots of advanced features from ES File Explorer.

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The attributes includes capability to manage apps, remote file controlling, built-in ZIP and RAR support, built-in players and viewers for a number of file types, capability to access your computer via Wi-fi with SMB. You may also make use of the ES File Explorer like a FTP and WebDAV client. The app also features support for a number of cloud storage services like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive etc. If you need a full fledged File Manager, ES File Explorer may be the choice for you.

Download ES File Explorer File Manager App

3. ASTRO File Manager with Cloud

If you prefer a file manager, that can bring a combined management of your local storage in addition to cloud storage then ASTRO may be the app for you. This app allows you manage the local storage and cloud storage on the go.

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The ASTRO File Manager includes an awesome search feature, which allows you need to do broad searches for any content types and file types. ASTRO also offers a distinctive Cloud Hopping feature, which allows you rapidly move files in one cloud storage or any other. The app also features some unique gestures, which will make it simpler to navigate around.

Download ASTRO File Manager with Cloud App

  1. FX File Explorer

The FX File Explorer includes a beautiful interface together with some pretty handy features. The app has been recently updated to match the Material design of Android 5.0 Lollipop, so if you possess a device running Lollipop, FX File Explorer should fit right in.

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The FX File Explorer includes a productivity oriented layout around the home-screen and there is a dual-pane view with unlimited windows. The app also includes an awesome pinch to zoom feature, which allows you pinch on the file or folder to determine more details. The majority of the important features can be found within the app as well as the cloud storage manager along with other premium features that you’ll need to purchase the ‘Plus’ version.

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5. X-plore File Manager

What makes X-plore File Manager unique may be the dual-pane tree view, which allows the users open two folders in various panes simultaneously which makes it much simpler to move files from one folder to a different just by a drag.

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The X-plore File Manager also offers other bases covered such as the Disc mapping feature, cloud management, SSH  file transfer and SSD shell, app manager, Wi-fi file sharing, hex viewer and much more.

Download X-plore File Manager App

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