5 Best Messenger Apps For Android

Best Top 5 Messenger Apps for Android Overview:

May be the standard messenger app that came in your phone is not the very best. It may seem it’s a little clunky or does not pack lots of punch when it comes to features. Fortunately, we are able to replace those along with other messaging applications. These apps will handle regular messaging without needing you both to use same app. Those we have listed here have obtained very good reviews on Play Store.



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Textra is a handsome-looking SMS app. It’s pretty easy to customize. You may choose your color styles, set dark mode, request delivery reports, auto save videos and pictures for your phone and much more. Textra includes a quick reply popup, or the opportunity to reply immediately by tapping around the notification, that will display a window that type of moves over your home screen or anything you were searching at before.



Download Hello SMS

Hello is type of Gmail of text messaging apps, a minimum of meaning that both feature tabs. It is a pretty simplistic appl overall. Hello also handles MMS. One interesting factor is, upon setup, you’ll be requested to ask your buddies to make use of the app through SMS. Don’t worry, you are able to bypass might still make use of the app. You don’t need to  spam your buddies and contacts with this request to make use of the app.



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Chomp is fairly easy to customize. If you want to see a picture of Fluffy or Fido while you background wallpaper inside your messaging app, you may make it happen. If you would like crazy emojis, well, Chomp states it offers over 800 of them. You may also adjust font and much more. Chomp also offers another pretty helpful feature. You are able to schedule when you want texts to send, stop a text while it’s being sent and much more.



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Handcent has some pretty awesome features. The first is known as Handcent Anywhere, which enables you text out of your computer. You are able to personalize skins and themes. The app will also support bulk texting, can support your messages, send and receive vCards, draw little doodles and send them as MMS and much more. There is a quick reply popup, like in Textra-and landscape keyboard works here. There is a Private Box feature, which allows you password safeguard, your texts.



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You will find lots of themes available, although you have to pay for several them. Using the free version of the app, you are able to schedule when text is going to be sent, setup auto reply and block junk e-mail messages. There is also a Private Box, or file encryption for messages you choose. The Functions Pro version provides you unlimited cloud space for storage to backup your messages and send MMS as much as 20 Megabytes.


Top 5 Messenger Apps for Android Phones

App Name Size Price Validity Operating System Download link
Textra SMS 5.1 MB Free Lifetime Android Download Here
Hello SMS 30.1 MB Free Lifetime Android Download Here
Handcent Next SMS Varies with device Free Lifetime Android Download Here
GO SMS Pro Varies with device Free Lifetime Android Download Here

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