Top 5 GPS and Navigation apps for Android

Top 5 Offline Maps with Voice Navigation for Android Overview:

You will find numerous explanations why offline maps are a good addition to your smart phone. To begin with, you cannot always depend on network access or Wi-Fi. Usually when you want maps, you’ve found yourself within an area you are not so familiar with which might also provide poor reception or none whatsoever. To prevent some strange calamity in far flung regions, these are the best offline maps on Android.

  1. Maps.Me

Maps.Me is a worthy contender for that title of best offline map app on Android. You do not actually have a small number of country downloads – you are able to download the whole world if you wish to.

Best 5 GPS applications for Android

Offering free offline global maps according to OpenStreetMap data, Maps.Me has all of the necessities covered: clear, easy readable maps (including street amounts) without an excessive amount of detail, no roaming charges or need for online data transfer, offline navigation, searchable points of interest and addresses, location sharing and much more, this app is really a one-stop offline map solution. It is also the simplest to make use of and best searching.

Download Maps.Me App

2. OSMand

Even though many offline maps allow routing nowadays, OSMand is doing it well for very long time. In line with the same OpenStreetMap data as Maps.Me, OSMand offers the same degree of accuracy but in an exceedingly different package. OSMand provides little too much map data.

OsmAnd Maps

OSMand provides rich offline navigation, including turn-by-turn voice guidance, re-routing and check. OSMand is available in both a totally free and paidversion. The disposable version limits you to definitely 10 map downloads and a few map ”add-ons” like contour lines need to be paid for. Others, like trip recording, audio/video notes and distance calculator must be enabled.

Download OSMand App

3. City Maps 2Go

City Maps 2Go is nowhere close to detail-heavy as OSMand, which, of course, may be an excessive amount of map for many folks. City Maps 2Go offers the bare-bones form of offline maps.


You will not get as numerous building outlines or streetnumbers and also you can’t zoom in so far as a few of the other choices, however for individuals that require much more of an over-all reference map than the usual step-by-step index will appreciate City Maps 2Go. City Maps 2Go enables you to look for addresses, restaurants and so forth, all offline. It does not possess the offline navigation options a few of the others have, but it is is greatly tied into Wikipedia while offering more details automatically.

Download City Maps 2Go APP

4. Google Maps

Obviously, no offline maps list could be complete and not mention the truth that Google Maps enables you to cache certain map areas for offline usage. You will not have the ability to cache entire metropolitan areas and also the data will expire after thirty days, however a fully offline Google Maps can look later in 2015 alongside Android M.

Google Maps

Google Maps offline is the fact that many people are already very familiar with it and also have it on their own phones already. All you need to do is visit the map area you need to cache and only type or say ”OK maps” after which save the amp with a name. You will not get access to offline search and it is pretty slow, but you’ll have a decent degree of map detail, for the way much you cached.

Download Google Maps App

5. HERE Maps

HERE Maps is superb addition to the Android offline map apps. It’s a very different experience to many Android maps and you’ll need to register if you want to download maps for offline use.


Once you’ve done that though, you’ll be able to download unlimited free offline maps. It offers search, turn by turn navigation, traffic imagery etc.

Download HERE Maps App

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