Top 5 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

5 Best Keyboard Replacement Apps for Android Phones Overview:

Unlike Apple, everything lowers for the keyboard is completely simple to personalize on Android devices. You’ll find, really, a variety of alternative keyboards, besides the stock one, available to match the different typing styles from advanced text prediction to swiping over keys.

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Among Android’s best and lots of oft-overlooked features is its ability to switch the default keyboard with an alternative. Included in this extra, innovative features and so are enormous improvements on the stock keyboards. You’ll find 100s on the Play Store, too, and you’ll change keyboards before you decide to choose one you would like. We’ve selected five from the finest keyboards on Android devices.

Before you decide to download them, it’s smart to work through what type of typist you are. Lots of people love swanky swipe interfaces, whereas others feel relaxed with increased tactile traditional keyboards. On top of people really are a couple of really odd keyboards that something quite different.

  1. SwiftKey

For people looking for a smart keyboard, have a look at Swiftkey. The app finds out everything you type and focuses much more about text prediction than actual typing. This is fantastic for people who dislike while using the small on board keyboards and would like to obtain messages in a hurry.

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The keyboard is a bit difficult to use at first, but after a while its text prediction is effective that it could form entire sentences by simply tapping the word predictions up top. Not only that, nevertheless the application might even scan your Emails, Facebook posts and Tweets to know your natural typing style and sentence formation. It’s regularly up-to-date with a lot more features and you’ll even try thirty days free before identifying to buy in. Swiftkey could be available for mobile and tablet Android items.

  1. Hackers Keyboard

Hacker’s Keyboard Aside from the compact size, Android keyboards on mobile and tablet products will also be missing some secrets. Sure, many people may not miss them, however for individuals that are looking the feel of a genuine keyboard, the Hacker’s Keyboard offers forgotten keys such as the shift, arrow as well as a escape button. Not just that, however this app provides the standard 5-row keyboard that hearkens back to the design of physical keyboards.

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The good thing of the keyboard is it is totally open-source, free while offering numerous languages and character packs.

  1. Swype

In case your thumb cramps up any time you type on the small Android keyboards then your Swype keyboard app might be just the thing you need. If you’re not really acquainted with the swipe functionality, it virtually works just as you except.

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The laptop keyboard enables you to write words by drawing connecting lines between your letters from the word. This causes it to be much simpler and faster to produce entire sentences. You will find also several awesome features that Swype has together with a speech to text option, predictive typing, and auto correct and custom dictionaries.

  1. Smart Keyboard Pro

Should you simply want a sleek and well-performing keyboard that is not the default Android one, Smart Keyboard Pro is certainly what you want. It is simple to personalize every aspect of this keyboard appl to fit your special needs and typing habits. Have large fingers? You are able to space the keys much more you do not accidentally hit the incorrect letters. Other easy to customize features include changing the keyboard to T-9, permitting text prediction and adding shortcuts.

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The keyboard isn’t free, but with the custom options and language packs to select from, it’s certainly well worth the cost if you are a tap-typist.

  1. 8 Pen

If none of the above styles work for your needs, try an even more unique approach to the standard keyboard? Unlike other alternative keyboards, 8pen arranges letters into quadrants for the way frequently you have used them.

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To type, put your finger in the middle of the quadrant and draw a ring across the letters before you decide to achieve one which you need. Upon first use, keyboards might not be very intuitive considering layout is completely different from the traditional keyboards. While it might take some time to get used to, ultimately, it calculates this style is definitely very fast method of typing.

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