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Download Best Task Managers App For Android Phones Review:

Android is  a beautiful platform but you will find minor issues that really annoy a typical user on regular basis. Among the greatest disadvantages is always that you will find many apps that keep running without anyone’s knowledge with no user’s understanding.

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These background processes eat up all of the system resources and hog your Android device’s battery which means your Android phone or tablet expires of battery juice way earlier than it should. It doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t download applications in your Android device but you shouldn’t let any application eat all of your system resurcess. To be able to keep apps from hogging down in your Android device’s battery juice and resources you need to download a Task manager app to kill all the processes In the background and enhance your Android device’s performance too.

Below listed are the top 5 task manager apps for Android 

  1. ES Task Manager

If you’re already using ES File Explorer app in your Android device then you already know just how these developers actually are. That’s why the ES Task Manager is among the best task manager applications readily available for Android right now. This app is totally free and offer all of the features that you’d want inside a task manager.

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This task killing application enables you to identify all of the applications which are running in background, hogging on your system resources and kill them with a single tap. You may also un-install undesirable applications directly from the ES Task Manager application in order to save space inside your phone’s memory.

  1. SystemPanelLite Task Manager

If you’re a geek or perhaps a big fan of sci-fi movies then you’ll fall deeply in love with this unique task manager application. The very best factor concerning the SystemPanelLite Task Manager is its UI which resembles something from a sci-fi movie. With detailed statistics, charts, and data relating to your device’s resources SystemPanelLite Task Manager appears like an excellent tool for each power user on Android.

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This task manager will not only help you identify and kill resource eating applications but additionally provides more information relating to your Android system. This application monitors the system and notifies you whenever something looks unnatural.

  1. Greenify

Among the best Android utility and task manager app. Greenify allows you manage all of your apps having a unique new way. It’s not necessary to kill all of the apps which are eating your system’s resources rather Greenify allows you hibernate such misbehaving apps having a single tap. Hibernated applications don’t run in the background thus saving your precious battery life as well as your device runs easily too.

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However, without notice to make use of the hibernated app, all you need to do is open it up and also the app will function as always but the moment you shut the app, it goes back to hibernation. Greenify helps you save a large chunk of your device’s battery life and enhance the performance speed too.

4. Watchdog Task Manager

Watchdog Task Manager isn’t entirely a Task killer rather it provides a complete monitoring system for the Android smart phone or tablet. This application won’t just kill all of your apps and processes with one tap rather it’ll keep an eye on all of the apps and processes running in the background.

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The moment any of the app goes out of control and begin running lower all of your system resources, Watchdog rapidly makes action and notifies you from the resource hogging app. After that you can easily get rid of the app with only one tap and keep your resources safe.

  1. GO Cleaner & Task Manager

GO Cleaner is among the most widely used launchers for Android and also the same designers also have launched the full-fledged task manager easily named as GO Cleaner & Task Manager. If you’re searching for a slick interface then you’ll find this app very appropriate.

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This task manager will not only help you kill background apps rather it offers an array of additional features too like eliminating cache, getting rid of undesirable folders left by uninstalled apps, clearing your browsing history, and improving your phone’s performance. All of these features along with a full functional task manager free of charge.


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