Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 Free Download Trial Version

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 Trial Version download for Windows 7 Overview:

Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 is the latest version form Kaspersky that is a comprehensive system for all type of threats like malwares, spywares, threats, Trojan, viruses etc. It is very simple and user friendly software with easy navigation interface in which all the modules can be accessible from the main menu with large buttons. It is having multiple scanning modes that help you to choose the appropriate one according to the threat attack and your need.

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  The three scanning modes are

  • Full Scan Mode
  • Custom Scan Mode
  • Quick Scan Mode

Full scan mode analyzes your whole computer memory and every parts of your system but only should be selected when full system scan is necessary. Custom scan mode is the user choice file scanning that is completely a user handy toll whenever needs to scan any particular file or document. Quick scanning mode scans only the critical files and common memory locations in your system.

Futures of Kaspersky Internet Security 2016:-

  • New generation personal firewall to stop allowing threats to enter your computer.
  • Proactive defence component to protect system from unknown threats and attackers.
  • Privacy defence component protects computer from internet frauds.
  • Anti-spam module that filters the malicious email attackers.
  • Easy accessible and easy navigating module system
  • Parental control module to monitor users browsing activity.
  • Confidential data protection module keeps the important documents, emails, passwords, banking information’s away from the attackers and hackers.
  • Real time email, file and web scanning for safe internet surfing and keeps away from phishing websites.

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