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SMADAV Antivirus 2019 Free Download Review:

Most antivirus software cannot be installed along with other antivirus, for the reason that the antivirus is made for primary protection on your pc. SmadAV, is a kind of antivirus SmadAV are made to supplement protection so 100% compatible and may work nicely although there’s been another antivirus on your pc, within this situation SmadAV works as a second type of defense. SmadAV features its own way (behavior, heuristic, and whitelisting) in discovering and cleaning infections which will further boost the security on your pc. Since the resource usage is extremely small SmadAV, SmadAV won’t improve your computer’s performance under heavy use. So, having a mix between SmadAV and antivirus protection that is a component of your pc will further strengthen the defense of the computer from virus infection.

SMADAV Antivirus, SMADAV Antivirus 2019

There’s one antivirus most people aren’t using, and most likely should. It’s known as SmadAV Antivirus, which is not designed is the core protection of the Windows PC, however a secondary when ever everything else fails. It’s not only proficient at trapping and killing some weird adware and spyware, but it’s also helpful for checking USB thumb drives. Actually, this can be considered among SmadAV’s primary strengths. You can use it for offline scans. First you have to go to the official web site to download SmadAV.

Now, the word what online is Indonesian but worry not, the download link is around the right sidebar which means you can’t miss it. Once downloaded and installed, you need to develop something. The consumer interface is certainly and not the best, and even though it’s seen some changes through the years, it’s still less than using the best free antivirus software, however it works, and that’s adequate for me personally. Around the left-side, users should see 5 options. Came from here folks could possibly get where they have to scan the entire system, to disable or let the real-time protection amongst other things. The Professional tab shows the main difference between your Pro form of SmadAV and also the free version. Look carefully and you’ll spot the lack of ability to maximize or resize your window. This only works if you buy the professional form of the program.

 4 Main function of Smadav :

1) Additional Protection for your PC, compatible with other antivirus products!

2) One of the Best USB Antivirus (Protection for USB Flash disk)

3) Low resource Antivirus

4) Cleaner and tools to clean virus

  • One-Virus By-User, to manually add your suspect file for virus cleaning in the PC.
  • Process Manager, to manage processes and programs run in your PC.
  • System editor, to change some system options that usually changed by virus.
  • Win-Force, to force open some system management programs in Windows.
  • Smad-Lock, to immunise your drive from some virus infection.

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