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Microsoft Office 2019 Free Trial Version Download for Windows 10 Review:

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional is the new version from Microsoft Office having well developed interface to interact the users. Microsoft started providing office in the year 2000 and with passage of time it provided many updated versions to us. Especially it is designed for Windows all type of versions otherwise known as Windows compatible Microsoft Office 2019.

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Microsoft Office 2019 New Features:-

  • Ability to create, open, edit and save files directly to the cloud system from desktop.
  • Providing the easy search technique to the online office users like Tell Me or Send As in Word, Power point, Excel and Outlook.
  • Provides contextual information from the web.
  • In Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Power point designer sidebar optimizes the slides.
  • Power point now available with new animation ability to insert video and one note.
  • Microsoft Excel with new chart and templates like tree map, sunburst chart, waterfall chart, box plot etc.
  • The most important feature in Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus 32 is the Data Loss Prevention in word, excel, power point.

In Microsoft Office 2019 professional the interface improved to the next professional level with useful and updated components. Mathematical calculations became handy with Microsoft Excel 2019 because if the developed enhancements. It is having an important feature named higher DPI inclusion that makes your documents look clearer on higher screen resolution.  Well developed grammar checker in Microsoft Word makes your task easy to make a sentence. Improved user interface and products makes file sharing very easy. Microsoft Office 2019 Professional is updated with many unique features to make the user task easy than before.

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